In Indian astrology, five positive aspects of life are of great importance. Called the Pancha Maha Yogas, these are:

  • Spiritual well-being (Hamsa Yoga)

  • Mental well-being (Sasa Yoga)

  • Physical well-being (Ruchaka Yoga)

  • Domestic well-being (Bhadra Yoga)

  • Financial well-being (Maalavya Yoga)

These Pancha Maha Yogas help usher mental, physical and financial prosperity into your life. On the other side are the Pancha Maha Papas, the negative powers that reduce and even destroy the Pancha Maha Yogas.

The ancient texts and astrological literature provide various scientific theories and remedies that aim to enhance the Yogas, reduce the Papas and fulfill the purpose of this life. These ancient theories and remedies together comprise the Parihara Canto.

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