Wearing stones representing the Navagrahas ensures that your Yogas remain strong and effective. With proper consultation, the multiple powers of these gems can be used to enhance the Yogas. The Navagraha stones or the planetary gems include:

  • The Ruby (representing Ravi/Sun)
  • The Pearl (representing Chandran/Moon)
  • The Red Coral (representing Kujan/Mars)
  • The Marathagam Green or the Emerald (representing Budhan/Mercury)
  • The Pushyaragam or Yellow Sapphire (representing Guru/ Jupiter)
  • The Diamond (representing Shukra/Venus)
  • The Blue Sapphire (representing Shani/Saturn)
  • The Gomedhak or Hessonite (representing Rahu)
  • The Vaidooryam or Cats Eye (representing Ketu)

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